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ADM Consulting


Consultancy services to make you smile! We offer core ad hoc services around technical project management, process analysis & improvement, training & workshops and so on. We’re the resident geeks. The nerd herd.

Freelance services offered under a consultancy umbrella gives you all the flexibility and none of the downsides of commitment. Flex up and down when you need to and retain control over your budget.

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Products & Services

An example of the kind of work our team specialises in:

A company is looking at building their own custom software for a particular scenario and they’ve asked us to be involved. We’ll look to understand their current processes and pain points, and what they’d like to achieve through the software. We’ll then help them write a tech spec, liaise with the developers, test and roll out the software (including training) all the way through to full implementation and launch.

Main services we offer are:

Project management – client and stakeholder management alongside a good dose of “herding those cats” to maximise success

Business analysis – helping you identify exactly what you need

Product management – SaaS, hybrid and custom software solutions

Implementation management – identifying and overcoming the obstacles and change management

Training & workshops – optimising your team’s time and helping you overcome resistance

Systems & products research – for when you don’t have the time to do all the legwork

Processes & workflows – mapping and streamlining your processes and workflows

Strategy and design consultancy – helping with the “what if” problems and the “how can we” problems. Most of this work is breaking things apart and putting them back together again!

Business design analysis – helping ‘heads of’ design and implement change in their department. We’ll work with you to; define your objectives, map out your operational requirements, (re)design your operating model and business processes, prepare your teams for the change and deliver any training and communication plans you might need. We usually work with operational teams and can support strategic, regulatory or software change programmes, always tailoring our support to the specific needs of your project and stakeholders

Full stack development – helping with frontend and/or backend work (especially “smaller” pieces of work that would be out of budget to outsource to a typical software house) – we have our dream team of designers and developers ready to go, we’ll help you from concept to delivery

Translating and interpreting – English to/from French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian

Vendor credit recovery in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian

Tuition for all levels, including GCSE and A Level, in French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian

Transcription and subtitling services