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Coolgoldfish Designs


Coolgoldfish Designs, are a graphic design business…with a bit of a twist!

As well as regular graphic design elements (such as logo’s, leaflet design etc), they specialise in Televisual Screen Displays for public facing businesses, as well as video business cards which assist businesses to stay visible to stay viable.

Products & Services

Coolgoldfish Designs are graphic designers, but no ordinary graphic designers, oh no no no! As well as the standard graphic design elements such as logo’s, brochure design A-Frames etc, they also specialise in Televisual Screen Displays for public facing businesses! These screens should NEVER be seen purely as an advertising tool! That’s a guaranteed way to make people shut off and stop watching them! Instead they should be seen and used as an additional communication tool between you and your customers!

How? Imagine what would keep you engaged! You would want to be seeing things of value to you! Give your customers the heads up of things you have coming up at your venue (live music, televised sports, Quiz nights etc for instance) Tell them of changes you may be making for their benefit, give a bio of the people behind the business (show the public face), let them feel that they are getting to know YOU, not just your brand! Inject a little humour – and only then throw in an advert when people will be more receptive to it! Another service that is really popular at present is our new Video Business Cards – When we went networking, the first thing we did is give each other a business card as an ice-breaker. The Video Business Card works in exactly the same way!

If you use Twitter Networking Hours, what better way is there to introduce who you are, what you do, how you do it and most importantly, WHY you do it, than a video business card? These very short videos are designed to fit in perfectly with your brand, and can be used to tell people of your services, or better still highlight your customers pain-points and your solutions to them! This demonstrates empathy and understanding, and people will gravitate towards you as they feel you ‘get it’.

The Video Business Card isn’t just useful for Twitter networking though. It can be used on your other social media platforms as a post, or even included in your email marketing. They are extremely adaptable, and we have customers returning for new cards as they take on new staff or offering new products/services.