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Hello Beautiful!


Hello Beautiful!

Sam Marshall invites you to immerse yourself in her world of Avon.

Make-up, Fragrance, Homewares and Fashion are all available at the click of a button.

Free delivery direct to your door (if you spend over £20).

Special offers every month to tantalise and beautify everyone in the family. Yes, Avon is not just for women, we have a range for children and men too!

Come inside and say hello. Sign up to my newsletter and receive some free samples in the post!

See you very soon.

Products & Services

Business opportunity - With an ever-changing product range to match current trends, Avon has been trading for over 60 years in the UK. I’m sure you all remember an Avon lady ringing the doorbell.

Known globally as the business by women, for women, 75% of the top 10 UK earners are men. Avon are an equal opportunity business and their products and services reflect this.

Avon is free to join so if you are looking for something fun to do, that will bring you an income, message Sam today (WhatsApp 07912 93505)

Make-up – Avon are proud to be #crueltyfree. They have a range of cosmetics to suit all ages and price points. For the premium range, Avon team up with nationally-renowned Make Up Artist Lisa Armstrong who works on Strictly Come Dancing among other equally cherished programs. Mascara is the biggest seller and we have a range of mascaras for different purposes (length, volume, staying power)

Skincare – Avon have several ranges to suit all skin types. I have completed a skincare training programme with Avon which helps me to advise you on the best product for your current skin situation. The premium range is The Distillery Range, #alcoholfree, #fragrancefree and #vegan and launched in January 2021. All Avon products are designed to complement each other and to allow for mix and matching of range lines.

Fragrance – Avon have scents that have been unchanged for years and other contemporary fragrances are added regularly. While Avon do not set out to compete with other brands, tests have shown that we have many fragrance profiles that are liked by users of premium brands. There is a growing range of men’s fragrances. Samples are available on request.

Haircare – Avon has a range of shampoos, conditioners, serums and leave-in treatments that are suitable for a range of hair types. Very handy while the hairdressers are closed in lockdown.

Toiletries – Avon has long been known for everyday essentials like shower gel, bubble bath, hand creams and deodorants. In 2020, they branched out into hand gels and face masks to respond to demand.

Fashion and Accessories – Avon had done a small fashion line in previous years, but trends in early 2020 showed that during lockdown, pyjama sets were the “must-haves” of the season. Avon were able to respond quickly to this trend and matching pyjama sets became available for the whole family. There is a fantastic range of accessories also available: slippers, casual shoes, scarves, handbags, watches and jewellery.

I hope I have given you a flavour of the treats that are on offer from the Avon Range.

I am proud to be an Independent Avon Representative and I am delighted to bring this range to you via my brochure, the contents of which will change during the month based on trends in the market place. You can always be on top of these changes by joining my email list so that I can get you the latest information and by checking out the brochure regularly.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via WhatsApp if you have any questions – 07912 935105

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