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Protect Will Writing


Protect Will Writing offers a bespoke estate planning service including Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Funeral Plans, Trusts and more. We provide professional advice tailored to the needs of each individual you meet, guiding them through the complex world of estate planning.

With professional support, our clients develop a plan which protects their legacy and ensures that their assets pass to those they wish to benefit. Protect your legacy with Protect Will Writing, contact us for a free, no-obligation discussion today.

Products & Services

Friendly & Professional Legacy Planning Protect Will Writing provides a full legacy planning service, designed to find the right plan for each client. We recognise that every individual’s circumstances will be different and work hard to provide bespoke options to meet your needs.

We are a family business managed by Owen, a father of three - meaning that we know how busy family life can get! As a result, we offer meetings at times that suit you, whether that’s daytime, evening or at the weekend.

Through our collaborative approach, we will work with you to find out the best options for you and your family, including:

- Single & Mirrored Wills

- Lasting Power of Attorney

- Advice on Trusts & Funeral Plans

Single & Mirrored Wills Around half of UK adults do not have a will. Without a will, there is no guarantee that your property or funds will be pass to the people you want to leave it to. A will is the only way to guarantee that your legacy is left in the right hands. If you are a parent of a child under 18, a Will is the easiest way to appoint Guardians for your children.

Our fully indemnified will writing service will allow you to have piece of mind and to protect the future of your legacy. We offer both single Wills and mirrored Wills.

Owen can help to write your Wills quickly and easily, using our “2 meeting” approach. We will hold one meeting to discuss your needs and a second to attest your documents. These meetings can be socially distanced at your home, or even completed over Zoom if you prefer!

We pride ourselves on providing a service that you would recommend to others; meaning we’ll help and re-draft your Wills until you are 100% satisfied!

You’ll finish with a professionally prepared document which clearly communicates your wishes - we can even provide safe and secure storage for these important documents!

Lasting Power of Attorney Alongside wills, a Lasting Power of Attorney is one of the key legal documents in legacy planning. This document will help protect your future by allowing nominated and trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf, in the event that you are unable to. Owen will work with you to identify the correct type of LPA needed, as well as liaising with your chosen Attorneys to ensure all paperwork is completed professionally.

Having an LPA in place protects your family from additional stress at a time when they will need support the most. It ensures that you have trusted people making decisions for you at key times in your life and makes certain that your family will be able to access relevant bank accounts to pay bills.

Trusts Trusts support you with your management of assets including property, funds or investments. They can be written in to your Wills to protect your assets from issues such as divorce, marriage after death and even help with inheritance tax planning. Owen can advise on the best way to secure your legacy through a Trust as part of the Will writing process, ensuring that your assets are protected and pass to those you wish.

Having been around since the Roman times, Trusts are a well-established means of protecting your belongings. Talk to Owen to find out how a Trust can protect you.

Funeral Plans Avoid the skyrocketing prices of funeral plans by purchasing a prepaid funeral plan at today’s prices. Ensure that your wishes are fulfilled and that your family are not burdened with additional costs at the time of your death. With low deposit and instalment options available, a prepaid funeral plan is the best way to ensure your funeral happens the way that you wish.

Free, no-obligation discussion For a free chat with Owen about your circumstances and needs, please visit our website and book a call!