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LinkedIn Unlockers Cottage


LinkedIn Unlocker shop has a variety of ways to make your LinkedIn better, come in and have your profile magnetised to attract the best and repel the rest. Learn the art of making your content attract prospects and your conversations create customers



Products & Services

LinkedIn Unlocker offers a LinkedIn Surgery to get your profile and use of LinkedIn Up to speed. 3 recorded 60 minute sessions covering Positioning Prospecting and Participation. The Surgery includes a Triage session to find out what is wrong and an Outpatients session to make sure that you have implemented what was prescribed. Investment is £700

LinkedIn Six of the Best, a ten week programme that covers the 6 P’s of Linkedin, Purpose, Positioning, Prospecting, Participation, Personalisation and Persistence. A group training programme that has a Face Book Group and tons of support.

Investment is £980 currently but soon to change as new elements are being added.