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I take your business from “fine to “awesome”. Evidence based, strategic growth for your business Bespoke advice to resolve immediate problems.

Results: Growth and Certainty for your Business




Products & Services

Your business is “fine” and yet you have concerns about the way forward. 2020 was not a good year - maybe Covid has screwed things up and you don’t know what to do for the best.

Either way an initial consultation is at hand. You can book here

Or you are an Accountancy practice looking to really grow the “advisory” side of your business.

If you are ambitious and keen to change for the better then get in touch for a complimentary, no obligation, Business Exploration Meeting. From that I can start to build a plan to show you how to grow your business into what you want it to be.

These are the main areas that most people benefit from:

1 - Increased sales and increased profits from the resources you already have,

2 - Target market analysis, market research, positioning, and competitor analysis

3 - Corporate strategy: 3 & 5yr plans, strategic client acquisition, negotiations, partnership/supplier management

4 - Team motivation and structure

5 - Exit strategy planning and implementation - maximising sales price

Recent examples

Company 1. Situated in Maidenhead. Successful software company. Starting position £856k turnover, £153k profit. In 12 months £1.1m turnover, £277k profit. Highlights: Improved conversion rates dramatically, performed ideal client analysis, product set positioning, sold higher value, higher margin version of product. Cost to client = less than £20k

Company 2. Successful sole trader, part of well-known Financial Advice group. Starting position £income OK, profit OK, no home life, working 24/7, no future goal. In 12 months £double personal income, Had a plan to sell business for £2.5m in 12 years, with milestones in place to ensure it happens. Highlights: Improved (streamlined) processes, much improved time management and focus, staff motivation increased massively. Cost to client: less that £20k

Company 3. Successful tradesman, with fantastic reputation. Starting position: under the VAT threshold, wants to run a proper company, get off the tools and earn a lot more. in 12 months: Turnover trebled to nearly £120k, personal income more, moved to a bigger house, formed Ltd Company, Took on staff. Cost to Client: Less than £15k Or if you have simply got some business frogs we can have a chat in the village hall.