My Digital Village - Village Water Colour

About My Digital Village

My Digital Village is the brainchild of Jay Blake. Over the last 15 years Jay has built a large network of enterprising individuals, business owners, service providers and just generally caring, sharing folk.

“I’m extremely proud of the network I’ve created and noticed that I was beginning to refer to it as my ‘village’,” says Jay.

“In these days of online community-building and virtual networking I saw an opportunity to bring a new experience of meeting, sharing and growing connections between your network and mine.

“In My Digital Village trust is the currency. If you’re looking for a place to belong, to give voice to your story, showcase your product or service, learn a new skill or simply meet people on your wavelength, you are very welcome to My Digital Village.

A place to belong

“Trust, helping others, giving and receiving are important values of mine. They are how I operate – and I know they are how a lot of other people operate too.

“I know a lot of folk who love to soak up knowledge and expertise like a human sponge – and who have got so much value to share with others, not just from their professional life, but also from their hobbies and interests too.

“If this sounds like you I’d love to meet you and give you a huge My Digital Village welcome.

“I look forward to sharing a pint, a coffee or a bite to eat with you at the Inn!”

My Digital Village - Village Water Colour